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The most inspiring orthodontic journey you can find.

At McMurphy Orthodontics, we show our patients that a beautiful smile can be a tool that helps unlock your superpower. Let it pave the way to renewed confidence, but don’t stop there! We urge you to use that emotional momentum to share all of your gifts and talents with the world.

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What makes us, us.

The answer is simple. You! Helping each patient on their journey to a happier, more confident smile is what we love to do. Encouragement and inspiration are our specialties in addition to our handy work in the ortho chair.

Meet your smile team

What’s your superpower?

Everyone has one! It’s got nothing to do with our appearance, but sometimes our superpower can be hidden behind a smile we’re not so excited to share. That’s where our team comes in! Let your best self shine through a beautiful new smile.

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What’s your superpower?

What brings you to us?

Each person’s adventure to a new smile is unique. Whether your path looks like traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign, our team is expertly trained in the different routes to take.

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