Get ahead of your child’s facial growth with preventive care.

Two-Phase orthodontic treatment at McMurphy Orthodontics is a specialized process that combines tooth straightening and physical, and facial changes that occur as your child grows.

Why do we do it?

Extending treatment into phases allows for us to optimize the health, function, and aesthetic of results that will remain stable throughout your child’s life.

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The different stages of Two-Phase treatment.

Stage 1: Phase One.


Phase one is focused on jaw growth and development. Dr. Brice McMurphy uses tools to make room and help accommodate for future permanent teeth that still need to come in. This will also improve the way the upper and lower jaws fit together.

Making these early adjustments and closely monitoring development can help save your child from future extractions or complications down the road!

Stage 2: Resting Period.

Waiting for all the teeth

Now we wait for the remaining permanent teeth to erupt within the path that a successful first phase made for them around their existing teeth.

Stage 3: Phase Two.

All the braces

Phase Two is where things start to get real with full upper and lower braces. At this point, Dr. McMurphy focuses on getting every tooth into the exact location that allows your smile to operate at peak functioning order.

This phase can typically take up to 24 months, but it’ll feel like no time before you get to reveal your new, beautiful smile.