The real reasons our patients like to smile with us.

Helping others discover their best selves.

Each person’s adventure to a new smile is different and the path you take will be unique. Whether that’s traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign, we have your teeth covered.

Ocean Springs Orthodontics

Aspire to Inspire

Every moment with a patient is an opportunity to change a life. We work to create a light, energetic, and inclusive environment that helps each individual feel inspired to accomplish more in life than they did before they walked through our doors.

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Be A True Friend

Honesty. Giving. Humble. Trustworthy. These are the basic principles of what we believe a true friend should have. We honor these qualities with love and respect for all of our teammates and patients.

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Freedom to Fail

There is no better teacher than experience. And while failure is difficult and oftentimes feared, it can also be invaluably rewarding. We are only destined to improve if we are willing to own and learn from our failures.

Ocean Springs Orthodontics

Determined to Win

Excellence requires proactively working toward a higher standard. It’s our “make-it-happen” mentality that drives us to solve problems independently. It’s taking pride in the effort and accomplishment of our work each day.

Our purpose.

What starts with taking care of someone’s teeth can transform their confidence and the energy they project to the world! We help others discover their best selves and it’s the reason we love what we do.

Orthodontics for Teens
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Step into our office.

Welcome to our digs! Our office is an upbeat, laid-back environment, but you’ll never catch us slacking on safety and sanitation standards. Here, you are a celebrity to us and we’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and safe. Give us a call or stop by for an in-person tour to see what being a patient here really means.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about this practice and their staff. Dr. McMurphy is so personable. He took the time to sanitize and shake my hand! Sherry took great care of all finances; it wasn’t painful at all! Katie put braces on my daughter. She is so kind and patient! I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing braces.”

– Leigh Drewry, Google

“The staff were all so nice and helpful! The atmosphere of the office makes you comfortable and helps to soothe any nervousness. Dr.McMurphy’s patient manners were the best! He talks you through all the steps and plans he has for you. Awesome place.”

– Christina Robinson, Google

“Thank you Dr. McMurphy for making my experience with adult braces pleasant! My first impression of this office was how spacious and clean it was. Cleanliness is so important to me. Dr. McMurphy didn’t make me feel rushed at all. He addressed all of my concerns and explained the treatment process. He helped me decide which treatment was most appropriate for me. Sherry is so sweet. She was quick and knowledgeable with getting my insurance settled. Maddie did a great job with taking my x rays.

I love how this office is about taking care of your patients. Especially since I’m an adult getting braces, I felt comfortable. Thank you Dr. McMurphy and his staff for making my whole visit awesome and personable.”

– Tiffany, Google