Are Clear Aligners More Affordable Than Braces?

When it comes to treatment options, there are many factors to consider. Which option is best for your specific needs, what treatments your orthodontist offers, and the overall cost of each treatment tend to be among the most important considerations for the average patient. At McMurphy Orthodontics, we have a wide range of treatment options available, including Clarity, Invisalign, and in-house clear aligners. If you’ve been considering orthodontics but aren’t sure if traditional braces are for you, clear aligners can be an excellent alternative! 

We’re often asked if clear aligners are cheaper than braces. While the costs are comparable when you weigh up the pros and cons, the truth is that many clear aligner systems will be slightly more expensive than traditional braces. This isn’t guaranteed—there’s a lot that goes into determining the total cost of treatment, from the appliance used to the severity of the issues being treated—but on average, you can expect to pay a bit more for clear aligners than braces. 

There’s a big difference between “slightly more expensive” and “completely unaffordable,” though! Our practice never lets finances get in the way of giving someone a healthier smile. When you visit us for your free consultation, we’ll discuss financing early on so that you’ll have time to plan and budget accordingly. 

We happily accept and file all insurances with orthodontic coverage, including Delta Dental, United Concordia, MetLife, and Cigna. We also offer affordable third-party financing options through CareCredit, giving you convenient payment options without having to put anything down upfront.

Are Clear Aligners More Affordable Than Braces?

The benefits of clear aligners 

There are so many reasons to love clear aligners! Since they’re designed to be removable, they offer patients an extra measure of freedom that traditional braces lack. Take food restrictions, for example. To protect the wires and brackets, patients in braces need to avoid eating anything that’s crunchy or chewy throughout treatment. This eliminates several popular foods and snacks, something that can come with a pretty steep learning curve for many patients.

Clear aligners are removed before eating and drinking anything other than water. That means no food restrictions! You can continue eating all your favorite foods as you normally would. This removability makes it easier to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, too. It can be time-consuming to brush and floss around brackets and wires, but aligners are removed before brushing and flossing! Cleaning the aligners is also a cinch. There are special kits designed to do this, or you can gently brush them using water and a soft toothbrush.

Removable aligners can also be a bonus for athletes, musicians who play certain kinds of  instruments, or anyone who wants their natural smile to shine through for short periods of time (like a wedding, prom, or senior photos!)

The benefits of in-house aligners

In recent years, innovative new scanning, planning, and printing technologies have opened the doors for the in-house production of clear aligners. The process generally follows the same routine it would with Clarity or Invisalign, except we manufacture the aligners in our own in-house lab instead of sending them to an outside lab to be printed and sent back to us. This offers patients some significant advantages! 


Cutting out the middleman means lab bills are reduced. That leads to more competitive aligner pricing for our patients! 

Faster turn-around times 

Since back-and-forth shipping isn’t necessary with in-house production, patients can collect their first set of aligners within days of their scan instead of receiving them from outside labs 4-6 weeks later. Less shipping also means our in-house aligners are more environmentally friendly.

Replacing lost or damaged aligners quickly 

One of the drawbacks of a removable appliance like aligners is that they can be lost or damaged. The technology we use means that we always have your files available and are able to replace your aligners quickly.

When you consider these benefits along with the appearance and effectiveness of clear aligners in general, our in-house aligners offer patients a high-quality and affordable orthodontic solution! 

Who is a good candidate for clear aligners?

Clear aligners can work just as well as braces for many of the most common orthodontic issues, but they won’t work for everyone. Some cases that are especially complex or severe may require more precise tooth control than a removable aligner can achieve. When you schedule a free consultation with Dr. McMurphy, he’ll be able to determine if clear aligners could be a good fit for your smile! 

What happens once treatment with clear aligners is complete?

Whatever treatment you choose, your teeth will never forget their previous places in your mouth. Once the pressure of braces or aligners is removed, they will naturally begin to drift back towards those original positions. That’s why retainers are so important! Once you complete your treatment with us, we’ll provide you with a retainer to keep your newly straightened smile in place. 

Are Clear Aligners More Affordable Than Braces?

Trust your smile to the experts at McMurphy Orthodontics

It’s easy to see why clear aligners are the most popular alternative to traditional braces, even if the total treatment cost is slightly higher. These exciting systems continue to change the way people view orthodontics, and we’re excited to offer patients multiple options from our Biloxi and Ocean Springs offices! 

Would you like to learn more about how our affordable clear aligners can help transform your smile? Get in touch with us today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. McMurphy and our expert team! It’s the perfect time to take the first step towards the smile you’ve always wanted.